AMAZD x shopify

With the AMAZD Shopify integration you can now combine the best of in-store and online shopping experiences right on your website. Help your customers with personalized advice from experts and convert them faster with the new transactional features

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The AMAZD Shopify integration enables platform merchants and online shops to differentiate from competition. Sell more and more often through personal shopping advice

Sales with AMAZD shows 40% higher order values & conversion rates of 46%

Online, you can meet and interact with actual people. Find things quickly and receive ideas Make sound decisions without second-guessing yourself. Maintain contact with people you can rely onDistinguish yourself from the competition Sell more and more frequently Reduce the number of returns. Increase customer loyalty and engagement.

Why your customers love it

• Meet & engage with real people online
• Find products faster & get inspiration
• Make the right decisions without regrets
• Stay connected wit people you trust

Why you will love it

• Differentiate from competition
• Sell more & more often
• Decrease return rates
• Build loyalty & engagement

AMAZD is your new sales channel

01 | Meet

Start sales conversations anywhere (online & offline)

Shoppers can seamlessly start a conversation with your experts via different, modular trigger points

Online Trigger, Offline Trigger, Customizable Flows
Offer your website visitors many benefits through seamless end-to-end conversational commerce with the AMAZD shopify integration. Customers benefit from uncomplicated contact options
Offer the best personal customer experience even after the purchase and build loyality, trust and engagement. Convert conversations into sales and improve your online ratings and increase your visibility

02 | Engage & excite

Sales focussed conversations fully optimized for eCommerce

Engage and convert your consumers with online one-to-one, customized product advice directly on your website

Conversation via Video and Chat, Call scheduling, Screen and file sharing

03 | Transact

Drive customer centric sales

Our Shopify integration allows your experts to create prefilled shopping baskets together with your customers for a seamless and quick check-out - just like in store

Wishlist & customized basket creation, Sales insights, Extensive customer profiles
Engage with your customers to help them find the right products faster. Customers will make the right decisions without regrets while you decrease return rates
Extensive customer profiles

View the customer profile based on their previous activities in your shop. Match the right products to your customers and shine with customer centric view

Send prefilled baskets

Serve the customers by sending customized baskets directly on your website. Remove purchasing barriers and deliver individual baskets

Personal advise and sales channels for customers remain accessible for after-sales assistance, outbound marketing, and future buying opportunities.

04 | Grow

Standing communication feed to grow customer lifetime value

Shoppers’ personal advice & sales channel stays open for after sales support, outbound marketing and future shopping opportunities

Long-term conversation feed, unrestricted outbound messages, customer reactivation
What our customers say
With chat and video consultation on your website, you can enable your experts to deliver personalized product advice. Profit from engaging interactions by increasing sales and fostering long-term customer loyalty.

Shine with a new shopping experience

Empower your experts to provide personal product advice with chat & video consultation on your website. Benefit from engaging interactions with more sales and lasting customer loyalty.

“Providing best-in-class services to our customers is key to our brand. We have decided to use AMAZD to provide our online customers the same excellent service as in our stores and it has been the best choice.”

‍Carina M.
Customer Relationship Manager in eCommerce

What the press says
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Easy integration & onboarding âś”
Onboarding with AMAZD is super simple. You are set-up within minutes.

We're committed to revolutionizing eCommerce with you at AMAZD. We help you realize the peak performance of your customer interactions by integrating into the most common and up-to-date shop systems.
Magento is a PHP-based open-source e-commerce platform. It also makes use of other PHP frameworks like Laminas and Symfony. The Open Software License v3.0 governs the distribution of Magento source code.Shopify Inc., based in Ottawa, Ontario, is a multinational e-commerce firm founded in Canada. Its unique e-commerce platform for online retailers and retail point-of-sale systems is also called that.Shopware is an open-source platform from Germany that focuses on improving customer experience.Spryker is a B2B commerce platform that is modular. Receive and process orders, as well as meet client demand, from any device and at any touchpoint.WooCommerce is the online store for WordPress and one of the most popular WordPress plugins.System for seamless customer service across all channels that grows with your business. Create the best customer experiences with Zendesk.

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