Important Announcement
Top bars don’t need to be tiny you know. Check out this one.
Everything we do is based on our ideals. They outline the behaviors that we want everyone to engage in and follow. They fuel our performance as individuals, teams, and as a company. They influence how we collaborate with one another and with our partners. They motivate us to communicate and exhibit ourselves in new ways, both inside and externally.

AMAZD is more than a team.

Our values are the heart of everything we do. They define the behaviors we expect everyone to engage with and live by. They drive our performance as individuals, as teams, and as an organization. They inspire the way we work with each other and our partners. They inspire us in the way we communicate and present ourselves, both internally and externally.

What do we do

We don't accept the status quo 🙅
Everything can be changed and improved. There are no limits in improving the eCommerce experience and making it fun in the process. 

We are in it together 🙏
Team play includes our customers, their customers basically everybody. We run a complementary team of highly skilled individuals. 

We learn and evolve day by day 🤓
We celebrate failure as long as we learn from it and adapt. Change is the only constant and we view standstill as backwardation.