We are now fully integrated with Magento, Shopware and Shopify!

1 | Meet

Make it easy for customers to engage with your team, when purchase intent is real. Sales conversations between customers and experts can be facilitated on your website using various triggers, customizable flows, and expert profiles. Triggers like Call-to-Action buttons, QR codes, forms and the widget bubble can be placed strategically throughout the website to allow customers to initiate a conversation with the right expert.

2 | Converse

You want to finally get your sales team into the driver seat and actively engage in personal sales conversations. AMAZD gives maximum flexibility to your team regarding how, when and where your team gives sales advice. You can actively engage your website visitors because you see in real time who is on the website and what products they are interested in. Your team can use AMAZD web and mobile App to engage with your customers in extensive sales conversations (instant or scheduled). Chat, audio and video as well as file and screen sharing allow your experts to drive sales. 

3 | Transact

With AMAZD every customer interaction becomes a sales opportunity. AMAZD easily integrates with shop systems like Shopify, Magento, Shopware and others. With the AMAZD web and mobile App your experts can share products, fill carts for your customers, apply personal discounts and send them directly to check out with a click. Thus, your personal conversations will have a significant impact on conversion rates and order values. 

4 | Grow

Important purchase decisions are not taken easily & require multiple interactions. Stay connected with your customers for new & multi-touch purchases with AMAZD’s open sales channel. Reactivate customers with personal outbound sales activities, using chat history, widget, push and email notifications.

5 | Analyze

You can only manage what you measure. AMAZD allows you to gather in-depth information about your customers' purchase intent and your experts’ sales efforts and effectiveness. Provide valuable feedback to your experts and enable them to become better sellers. Get all the transparency you need to properly track commissions and set the right sales incentives.