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AMAZD combines all beautiful functions in one powerful conversational storefront

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Trigger points

Customers can choose their experts

AMAZD allows to outline the knowledge of each expert and hence gives the selection a personal touch
Various trigger points, both online and offline, enable the client to initiate a dialogue. Web widgets, text CTAs, pop-ups, and offline QR codes included in promotional efforts are all examples. Entertain your customers or prospects in conversation to draw them into the sales cycle. Then, use timely, relevant messaging across online and offline platforms to accelerate relationships and sales, and personalize all messages.
 Get personalized recommendations, and gain trust with a consistent, lively and reliable customer service team. Your shoppers can interact directly with members of your product teams to answer questions and direct them to the right product and channel without switching between tools and channels.
Conversations on Steroids

Trustworthy and human interactions

Personal interaction directly on your website without having to switch between multiple tools and channels
Engaging, virtual & personal online experiences, where shoppers interact with experts to find products that meet their needs
Easy transfer to mobile App

Personal expert sales channel in your customers’ pocket

Shoppers can seamlessly continue the conversation with your experts on the optional AMAZD mobile App.

A synchronised communication feed between the web widget and App for maximum convenience
In a mobile first world, smartphone accessibility is essential. Customers can seamlessly keep the conversation going in the mobile app to access their expert anytime and anywhere. The app can be downloaded via the QR code shown in the web widget, leading directly to the synchronised conversation, for the maximum online shopping journey experience.
One of your most significant business assets is your clients and prospects. Make the most of those relationships by increasing the number of customer touches, allowing you to manage those interactions more efficiently. As the communication feed extends the customer's purchase, AMAZD provides limitless clienteling and upselling options. Send follow-up questions, make check-in appointments, and take advantage of a variety of other opportunities.

Long-lasting relationships

Keep the conversation going between your product experts and your shoppers. Offer tailored after sales support, future shopping opportunities, and long-term customer loyalty
Real-time communication and professional consultations are now possible on any platform, including a PC, smartphone, or tablet. Experts may quickly switch between the browser-based Management Center and the mobile App to provide guidance when and when it is most convenient for them. AMAZD is adaptable to many businesses and delivers up-to-date information.
Cross-device communication

Expert flexibility

Experts can easily switch between the browser based Management Center and mobile App to realize maximum flexibility when and where to provide advice

Notifications to inform the experts

Notifications are important so that experts are quickly alerted to customer requests and can respond accordingly. AMAZD sends notifications to the mobile App, the Management Center, and to your experts' email addresses
To ensure a dynamic flow in the conversation, notifications are sent out to both the expert and the customer. Notifications are visible in the notifications bar in the web app and mobile app and will also be sent out as push notifications to your device and via eMail.
The tool supports flexible workflow. It is a fast and flexible planning tool for available resource capacity management. The combination of the regular hours and the possibility of overwriting these provides the perfect scheduling and availabily plan of your experts.
Resource planning

Efficient planning through availabilities

Your experts can easily set their availabilities on every device in a highly flexible manner. Customers can schedule calls and conversations based on these availabilities
Management Center

Oversight & Direct management

As a manager, you get an overview of all the experts’ activities in the Management Center, and insight into all conversations, and the possibility to redirect conversations from one expert to one another.
With AMAZD the store manager has exact the same oversight over their experts online activities as in the store. In the management center the designated admin can oversee all conversations and scheduled calls between all experts and customers, as well as reassign experts to offer the best online consultations to customers.