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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need AMAZD?

If like us you LOVE online shopping, you’ll also know the effort it takes. Never-ending scrolling, hours of research, and infinite Google searches…. Not to mention the painstaking task of sifting through reviews and navigating confusing product descriptions.Wave goodbye to customer frustration with AMAZD, your 1-1 virtual storefront assistant. If you’re looking for a faster, more enjoyable way to shop online with your favourite brands, AMAZD enables you to shop smarter and get expert advice. From real humans. Ask questions and get tailored recommendations, then confidently purchase the best product for you. All in one place.

What can an expert on AMAZD do for me?

Your product expert can:
Assess your needs and answer your questions 
Serve up specialist insight using deep product expertise 
Send tailored, on-point product recommendations 
Help you make the right choice and buy in confidence
Provide post-purchase support and free virtual hugs*
*Subject to availability

What do I get with AMAZD?

Where do we start...
The AMAZD app is packed with beautifully designed and user-friendly features that make your entire shopping journey fun and interactive. From product discovery to post-sales support, with the AMAZD app you can: 

Schedule video chats with your dedicated product expert
Get a second opinion by inviting your friends
Save your products and purchases in a personal dashboard
Purchase with one click for maximum convenience
Communicate on your terms and whenever you like
Keep your personal channel open for ongoing expert support 

Am I talking to a human being?

Yes, every single expert is a real human product expert. We’re all too familiar with the frustrations that come with chatbots and live chats. The knowledge limitations, the misunderstandings… Sometimes you just need that human touch which is exactly what we pride ourselves on providing. 

How much do I have to pay?

Nothing. AMAZD is free. No really, it is. The only thing you pay for is the product you purchase.

Is my expert available 24/7?

Since experts are real humans, sometimes they’ll be away doing human things. Like swotting up on the latest camera trends, or taking their new snowboard for a spin. But the beauty of AMAZD means you can drop your experts a line or schedule a chat for an available time that’s convenient. And they’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How can I become an expert?

At the moment all experts are recruited by the brands themselves. If you’d like to know if this changes just leave us your email and we’ll keep you updated.

I’m a brand, how can I offer AMAZD to my customers? 

AMAZD always welcomes valuable connections and new brands to our network. If you’d like to connect we love to hear from you, just fill out the form below.