AMAZD Guidelines

What is AMAZD and how does it work?

Close the experience gap in eCommerce and combine the personal offline experience with online convenience with AMAZD's new conversational storefront. Through engaging personal interactions (chat, call, video) between your customers and your experts/ sales representatives, you can bring genuine advice and a good feeling to your customers leading to higher sales and customer loyalty. Learn how to upgrade your customer experience and distinguish yourself from other online shops by providing engaging, virtual, and personal experiences. Just claim your personal demo here.

What is a conversational storefront?

Provide personal online shopping experiences and build long lasting customer relationships with your new conversational storefront. A conversational storefront is a concept within cCommerce that uses brick-and-mortar retail practices in an online capacity. The idea is that a brand reaches its customers using a virtual storefront, and offers a truly hyper-personalized experience using cCommerce as a way of selling and engaging.

What features does AMAZDs conversational storefront offer?

Plenty more features will be disclosed during a live demo. Before check out this overview of our product features. ‍

Why does my business need AMAZD?

Make your eCommerce a one-of-a-kind shopping experience with AMAZD's new conversational storefront. Create unique customer relationships through AMAZD's communication channels in which expert advice can be given via text or (video) calls. Discover the key to customer loyalty!

How can I become a partner? 

AMAZD always welcomes valuable connections and new partners to our network. If you’d like to join our Partner Program we love to hear from you, sign up here

How can I manage my experts/sales representatives?

Since experts are real humans, sometimes they’ll be away doing human things. Like swotting up on the latest camera trends, or taking their new snowboard for a spin. But the beauty of AMAZD means you can drop your experts a line or schedule a chat for a time that’s convenient. And they’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How can I become an expert?

AMAZD enables you to have full oversight of all expert activities as an admin, and manage all interactions in the group inbox. Also, set-up and manage experts and their availabilities in the expert availability management tool. Additionally, freely assign and re-assign customers to the right experts at your liking and scale your sales force beyond your own internal team and build online communities of experts.

What is AMAZD’s data protection policy?

AMAZD takes data security very seriously. We do not forward your data to any third parties, and we store all data in accordance with EU GDPR and privacy data regulations.